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I got my start in Boxers when I met a wonderful dog that was soon to be a Daddy. I asked to be told when the puppies were born and I picked out my first Boxer, Radar when he was a day old. He competed in obedience and held a CD title. When I became aware of the Boxers in the conformation ring, I began looking for a dog to show there. I purchased Leila and she was the foundation of my breeding program. With every subsequent generation I fall more in love with this wonderful breed!

At Farbeyond Boxers, I strive to combine a superior temperament with desirable conformation for dogs that can compete in both the performance and conformation rings and then come home and hang out on the couch. My puppies are raised in a home environment spending time with people, other dogs and cats. Health testing has been done for five generations in conjunction with my breeding program.

I have been very involved in all-breed dog and cat rescue and have seen the numerous homeless pets in shelters that are euthanized daily. Also, having spent 4 years as the director of a "kill shelter", I strive to educate others on the necessity of limited breeding to help curb the enormous pet over population problem in this country. Therefore, I don't breed often, only when I am in need of a new show puppy! The litters at Farbeyond may be few and far between but I hope they will all be of the quality that makes them worth the wait.  
We’re located outside of Athens, GA.

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Sara Mathews
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